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Don't take anything on this page too seriously. Hopefully you will get a laugh or two from these pictures. It's all meant in good fun. So enjoy!

^ Adolf, du alte Nazi-Sau ^

Panzer Lied


Deutsche soldaten on a captured .50!!! Schweet!!!

Although not WWII related, what a great photo poking fun at Civil War reenactors.  Plus, the unexplained shot of Bill Cosby with the pudding pop...

Someone was just goofing around, and came up with the Uber-Farb Tunic, just for grins.  How many errors can YOU spot? 

There are some really creative people out there on the web.  The 9th tips its hat to those that have the talent and creativity to produce items like these, and we eagerly say "Keep 'em coming!". 


WARNING: Know your stuff or get a second opinion before you buy!!!!

This wonderful example of a tunic that was for sale on E-Bay.  Can you believe that this "ORIGINAL WWII German Tunic" (as it was labeled)  was being sacrificed out of someone's collection of rare, farby East German post-war militaria?  2 Iron Crosses, plus a ribbon, plus a Blue Max and Officer's Shoulder Boards?  Does it get any better then this?  Prince Harry should have checked E-Bay before going to his little cocktail party... 


I get the feeling that Lowe's or Home Depot don't stock this mower.


Odessa 2005 saw this go down, which has to rank as one of the biggest FARB moments in reenacting history:  The Uber-elite 101st being "trucked" out to the tactical in modern day Pickup Trucks and Minivans.  I guess all that running up Currahee mountain wore them out... Honestly, this was the most pathetic, disgraceful display of FARBISM in a long, long time.  Here these guys are pretending to be the elite of the elite Allied formations, in the spirit of Winters and Guarnere and Lipton and such, and they can not march a mile or so (if that) in combat gear out to the tactical?   Come on!  Grow a pair, or take off the Screaming Eagle patch and stop disgracing the unit you are trying to portray.  Even Allied straight-legged units were rolling their eyes and commenting on how lame and embarrassing a display this was.


Targets of Opportunity, AKA, Future Victims and/or Surrender Monkeys. Vive le France!

Meet Rexy, our unit Mascot.



Interested in re-enacting?

And Just for fun:

Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers and fans | Dec. 23, 1979

Following a 4-3 Bruins victory over the Rangers, a skirmish broke out between players for both sides, and fans joined in by throwing objects at the Bruins. Several of Boston's players stormed the stands, including Mike Milbury, who beat a fan with a shoe.

You gotta love hockey Fights!

Especially when the goalies duke it out at center ice!

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Ottawa Senators | March 5, 2004

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