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Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III)
PzKfpw VI “Tiger 1”
251/9 Halftrack (photo by DoctorDirt)
KDF Wagon 222 Armored Car "Gretchen" SdKfz 222 (Under Construction)
Coming Soon
Pics Soon
Ford 3-Ton #1 Ford 3-Ton #2 (Under Restoration) Ford 3-Ton - #3

Kubelwagen   Mercedes Staff Car

We are always on the lookout for a new WWII restoration projects. If you find one that you think we might like please contact us! A lot of these resotrations were made possible by tips from you! Thanks for the help!

Original 1939 BMW R-12
Original 1940 BMW R-12

BMW R-71's

PAK 36 (Original)
FLAK 37 - 37mm
PAK 36
Pics Soon
We are constantly adding new equipment. Check back soon to see what's going on in the restoration shop.

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