A small collectiong of real WWII footage, Spoofs, propaganda, and some hilarious gafs. Enjoy. And please, don't take this section too seriously. It's all meant for historical fun!

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WWII Themed Movies / Clips

Other Movies / Clips

Panzer Lied




"Männer gegen Panzer" Part 1 and 2:

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Original WWII German Sniper training (dubbed into English) Part 1
Part 2


Part 3
Part 4



Great Stuka Footage
Kursk Footage



German gun cameras

Allo' Allo' Episode 1, part 1

A British made Comedy about WWII Occupied France

(now available on DVD!)

Allo' Allo' Episode 1, part 2 (now available on DVD!)


Allo' Allo' Episode 1, part 3

Allo' Allo' Episode 1, part 4


Panzer Lied from "Battle of the Bulge"

Tiger I at TankFest


Private Snafu gets drunk

WWII Loony Tunes


Daffy Duck fights the germans! The ending is worth it!

Banned WWII Bugs Cartoon last seen on Cartoon Network


Other Movies

Ahhhhh Peter....
Who doesn't love the "Family Guy"?

*Family Guy stuff is a registered trademrk of it's owner and parent company! If you liek the clips, buy the DVDs :)

Modern HEER Ad
You Know this movie... In German???


Spitfire Fly By - Hilarious
B17 in German gun camera - Amazing


Modern HEER Training
Heil Bush - Funny spoof on the administration


The Ducktators - Daffy Duck
Scrap Happy Daffy


This soldier crosses a machine gun and a printer. Hahahahaha!!!

The much requested "Germany At War" compilation video. Click Here.

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